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Why Master Mind Abacus ?

“The ancient Abacus coupled with modern technology”.

The Abacus training program for kids has gained popularity in the world. We are a premium company that operates on International and National levels. Master Mind Abacus offers quality teaching services to all its students and equips them with excellent course material that directly reflects on the students’ positive performance

Listed below are the benefits which are unique and only applicable to Master Mind Abacus.

Most of the abacus companies follow the calculating methods that works from left to right. While, the methods that are taught in schools perform calculations from right to left. We at Master Mind follow the same pattern as that of schools.

This system works in alignment with the school curriculum. It enables the students to adopt school system in Master Mind Abacus classes. Moreover, it does not confuse them, unlike other abacus programs.

Master Mind Abacus & School System
                   x 12 
                   24 x 
E.g.Other Abacus Companies
              x 12       

Considering the child psychology wherein playful activities are more enjoyable for children, every class of Master Mind Abacus including the study material has been designed with a ready-made game for each day. The children unknowingly learn to practice complex math calculations without being stressed.

This software has been specifically designed like an animated video game which increases the child’s accuracy and speed, and also gives them an environment that feels like a play.

Unique teaching technique developed by Master Mind Abacus to ensure that the teacher is able to guide and control all students in a hassle free manner. Through this method, the students indulge into gaining a feeling that they are into a play and also compete with each other so as to earn more points. Beyond that, every student will get equal attention in the class, thus ensuring overall development of the entire batch.

To give motivation to students, Master Mind Abacus adopts a technique in the form of Point Cards, which the child accumulates in every class. These points can then further be redeemed for gifts.

Online Competitions- We conduct Center, State and National level competitions, providing convenience for students’ to appear for it from their home town. These competitions 
 Saves time and Money
 Reduces workload of trainers giving 100% accurate results
 Evaluates real-time results

Master Mind Abacus program is affordable to all segments of society. Furthermore, at the franchisee front Master Mind does not charge any royalty.

The books and its contents along with the online abacus learning are one of the best study material provided to students across the abacus industry. The colorful environment provided by us attracts the students more towards the course and gives them a pleasurable experience

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Students in Action:

Watch the students solve complex problems mentally and give accurate answers within seconds. 

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Watch the students solve complex problems mentally and give accurate answers within seconds. 


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